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Avoid Fighting Brutes With Pets Specially Bears

April 1, 2009 | Visited 1000351 times, 1 so far today

How do you avoid fighting brutes with pets? It’s best if you don’t fight brutes with pets like dog, wolf and the bear because you will most likely lose the fight. Unless of course you have skills and specials that fight pets like Cry of the Damned and Net.

So how do you avoid fighting brutes with pets like bears?


The answer is to avoid brutes that have lower than usual life compared to most brutes in your level. A low health point is a sure sign that the brute has a pet. Doing this will save you the time when you are checking opponents in the arena.

That’s our MyBrute tip for now. Stay tuned, there will be more.

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88 Responses to “Avoid Fighting Brutes With Pets Specially Bears”

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  2. if you want a bear, go to
    make a character there, lvl it up. around lvl 3-5, you’ll have your own bear to fight for you. enjoy.

  3. i dont avoid fighting brutes with pets because i have rare skill of hypnosis i steal there pets they fight along side me against there master check it out for yourself

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  6. Actually, if your brute has certain skills, he will actually be way stronger than any brute with pets:
    -Net immobilizes a pet and renders it useless until the end of the fight
    -Bomb is strong enough to one-hit kill dogs and damage Wolves and bears, while also damaging the enemy brute
    -Hypnosis turns the tide of the battle, leaving the opponent with the health penalty and no pets, and you with all the pets and your regular health.
    -Cry of the Damned chases the enemy’s pets away. Guaranteed to make them all flee if they’re less than 3-4.

  7. i got wolf on lvl 1 and just crushed the lvl 11 brute
    and then lvl 2 i got the dog and crushed lvl 10 lvl9 and lvl 5
    brutes in row on lvl one my brute is best……

  8. ALL my brutes get bear on level 3
    IT is 100% sure
    Make pupil here
    and as soon as you on lvl 3 you get a BEAR
    You have to make to lvl 3 at once if you loose 1 fight start over.

  9. i got wolf on lvl 1 and just crushed the lvl 11 brute
    and then lvl 2 i got the dog and crushed lvl 10 lvl9 and lvl 5
    brutes in row on lvl one my brute is best……

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