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My Brute Team Game Battle

October 20, 2009

Are you tired of playing the one-on-one games in My Brute? Then why not try playing the Team Game battle of two versus two. We are officially launching today our My Brute Team Battle Simulator tool which will allow your brute to team up with another one to fight against another pair of brutes. It’s […]


Top Countries Playing My Brute

August 24, 2009

My Brute has really been a global phenomenon. Players come from different countries and backgrounds. It has been one of the fastest growing online games in recent times and the administrators of this website are glad to have been one of the contributors to the enjoyment of this game.


My Brute Pupil Exchange Live Chat Online

August 10, 2009

Good day MyBrute players. Today, we are officially announcing another great tool from My Brute Cheats. The My Brute Pupil Exchange Live Chat Online. As suggested by several players, we are making pupil exchange much easier for everyone. How? Well, all you have to do now is to go to our chatroom and exchange pupils […]


My Brute Plurk Theme

July 17, 2009
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Do you have a Plurk account? If you love using Plurk and you also love playing My Brute, then why not use this very nice Plurk Theme featuring My Brute. If you don’t know what Plurk is, well, it’s a microblogging platform that’s very similar to Twitter. So if you don’t have an account in […]


My Brute Martial Arts Standing Fight Pose

May 31, 2009

Have you seen a brute doing a martial arts standing fight pose? If not, then you’re missing one of the coolest things in this game. Here’s a little teaser of one of the things to expect in the next few weeks here. A fight video of one brute doing some fancy sword and weapons martial […]


How To Make A Breathing My Brute

May 9, 2009

Let’s have some fun today and forget about all the My Brute strategies we’ve learned so far. Here’s a neat hack that was sent by mmassey on how to make a breathing My Brute character.