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Epic Battle Between Two Level 49999 Brutes

May 1, 2009 | Visited 1083229 times, 2 so far today

Let’s take a break today from leveling up and getting pupils and watch this epic battle between two brutes at Level 49999. Get ready to watch and be amazed.



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265 Responses to “Epic Battle Between Two Level 49999 Brutes”

  1. does domperidone get you high domperidone raising llamas vs alpacas

  2. eu tenho urso e ganhei com sorte lutem para verem se ganham claro que nao mas tentem

  3. You win to me…. you are the best

  4. ai galera to precisando de alunos sera q poderiam me ajudar e virar meu aluno to precisando de EXP galera se vcs me ajudarem com alguns alunos ajudo vcs tmb com outros alunos vlw galera ai vai 2 brute

    LVL 15 serio-xd;

    LVL 9 (com urso nao usei hack nen nada foi conseguido onestamnete por pura sorte)

  5. if you want a bear, go to
    make a character, and by lvl 3-10 you’ll have a bear.
    enjoy :))

  6. isso é mentira fui ao fight simulator e só dá para por em nivel 9999

  7. hey, Watch This:

    go to and create a brute.

    So, because this brute (guidoy) have 2 pets (bear and pet) your chances of getting a rare pet such as a wolf of a bear increses from 30% to 50% every time you advance 3 levels

    Try it!!!! many of guidoy´s pupil have a rare pet even at level 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. nada

  9. This was a sick fight. I didn’t know the levels went that high lol.

  10. wolf and a dog

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