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Fight With Yourself And Gain XP | My Brute Glitch

May 6, 2009 | Visited 1157406 times, 2 so far today

Do you know that you can fight yourself in My Brute? Yes, you can make a mirror match and fight your own brute with your own brute. And in the end, you’ll gain experience points! Woot!


All you have to do is to log-in to your brute and then type in the address bar:


Here’s a sample of what you’ll see. I used this trick with BrodFitz:


And here’s the fight video. It’s like my character has an invisible force field.

Doing this will take away one of your fight allowance for the day. This is okay since you’ll gain 2 experience points for doing so. Just look here:


This My Brute cheat was sent by mmassey. Now go ahead and make pupils to show your gratitude to him. Woot! Thanks!

Do you know any more cheats? Or maybe just a quality article about My Brute. Send them to us and we’ll make sure to give you credit and encourage people to make pupils under you. This is the best way to get pupils here. Woot!

Update: Sometimes, this just gives you 1 experience point. So just use for fun!

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739 Responses to “Fight With Yourself And Gain XP | My Brute Glitch”

  1. Extra-thick skin and Armour!

  2. Extra-thick skin and Armour from the beginning:

    fight against the gingers. go on, dare ya

  4. fight me

  5. Make pupils under the future ultimate brute!
    Hes level 15, 270 health and a bear.
    If you want high health and a pet make pupils under him!

  6. figth with this and will get a bear or wolf

  7. like to be unstopable…obviously yes…what the fuckkkkk…may you come to or if you go to fkfkfissss you win u bear at lvl 4 if you go to kakoazul wen you get to lvl 4 go to inventory preview and you see you will recive a bear(on that time you can already have u dog or 2 and a hammer)

  8. I try to use that chat and dont work. help me pls

  9. i have herculeas strenght and a stick. with them i am unbeatable and if you be my pupil you will be unbeatable just like me. so dont miss out. and can you please be my pupil!!!

  10. OOPS **WOLF**-panter :/

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