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I Can’t Create A Password For My Brute, Help!

July 2, 2009 | Visited 205148 times, 2 so far today

When you create a brute, your character becomes available for public use until you create a password for it.

Sometimes, specially new My Brute players, they forget to put a password in their character until the time comes that their brute becomes good and strong.

And then they notice that the option to create a password and make the brute exclusive for your own use is gone. If you have this problem, then maybe this trick will help you.


When you create a brute character, cookies are stored in the computer where you created it. The cookies are stored there until it is removed.

When you access your brute in another computer, you’ll notice that the option to create a password is not available. If you want it to appear, you have the following options:

Option 1:
Use the original computer where you created the brute and create the password there.

Option 2:
Go to the original computer where you created the brute and use a software that back-ups the cookies in a computer. One example is the FEBE Firefox Extension.

Simply back up the cookies and then go to your computer and restore the cookies there. After that, the option to create a password for your brute will now be available.

Remember, this method will only work if the cookies in the original computer has not been not deleted or cleared from the time you created the brute character there. Otherwise, it is gone forever.

So the next time you create a character in an internet cafe or on a friend’s computer, always put a password immediately or at least, back-up the cookies. So that when you get home, or when you someday decide to put a password on the brute, you can easily do so.

And lastly, always take care of your password. To read more about Password Recovery in My Brute here.

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