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Know The Future of Your Brute With My Brute Inventory Preview Tool

September 12, 2009 | Visited 931323 times, 4 so far today

This tool has been working for quite some time now and we thought that we should officially launch it, just like our other My Brute tools.

So please let me present, the My Brute Inventory Preview tool – the tool that lets you know the future of your brute.


This tool is very simple and easy to use, just type in your username, then select a level and click go. Wait a few seconds and you’ll see your future inventory.

Here’s what the inventory preview tool predicts for anitokid at level 20:


The tool will basically give you a preview of your weapons and skills at that level. We cannot guarantee it to be 100% accurate, only 99.99% 😛

What is the use of the My Brute Inventory Preview tool?

First, it’s a good way to know if your brute is worth playing. Simply make a brute character and see what will happen to it. If it’s going to get good weapons and skills and you should play with it, if not, then you can just make another brute.

Second, sometimes, you didn’t know what happened to your brute when you leveled up. Maybe because so many people are fighting you or there are many signing up as your pupils. Then, you can use this tool to see what changed.

And lastly, you can show off to your friends how weak your brute was before and how strong it is now. Or maybe you just want to make your own trip back memory lane and see how much your brute has grown.

In any case, I hope that you enjoy using our My Brute Inventory Preview tool.

Just a warning though, if you already have a high level brute character, we suggest that you be careful in using this because the tool might say that you will not become very powerful in the future and you lose interest in playing.

But if you already did this, don’t worry, as we say, our tool is only 99.99% accurate so your brute’s future can still change.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned as we give you more interesting articles here in the future. Thank you.

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249 Responses to “Know The Future of Your Brute With My Brute Inventory Preview Tool”

  1. please make one pupil for me and i make also for you :)

  2. why cant access?

  3. Are we still getting this tool back?

  4. hey

  5. Maybe now can fix?

  6. We can’t fix it right now. we’re blocked from accessing’s data. Sorry.

  7. please fix the mybrute inventory preview tool :( i’m a returning player, i played this game a long time ago, and just recently started playing again and discovered this useful tool, i saved up lots of time when i discovered my brutes (my brutes from 3 yrs ago, all level 20+) are weaklings, so i created new brutes with the help of this tool, i only created 3 so far (i look up their level up to 100 and they are all strong) all of my brutes are level 6 now, i wanted to make 3 more brutes but now the tool is gone, can’t use it anymore? why, please fix it. thank you so much. :(

    I have a Bear and a dog and a heck of a lot of strength which is pretty cool and i guess if you become my apprentice you have more chance of getting those things! :)

  9. pls. be my pupil ihave one wolf and a dog so pls. be my pupil


    I have a bear, see it for yourself…

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