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My Brute Experience Calculator

July 31, 2009 | Visited 468710 times, 4 so far today

Another MyBrute Tool that we have made for you is the My Brute Experience Calculator. I hope you are already using this because this is a very helpful tool.

For those who don’t know how to use this, here’s a short tutorial on how you can interpret the information that the My Brute Experience Calculator gives.

The picture above shows the experience calculations for anitokid.

If you want to use this tool, you can just enter the name of your brute and click GO. What happens next is that the My Brute Experience Calculator will show you the following information:

Your brute’s current level and the experience percentage already acquired for the level. As shown above, anitokid is at level 9 and is around 32%. This means anitokid is almost 1/3 through level 9. If your brute shows 99%, then that means your brute will level up very, very soon.

There is also the experience analysis. It simply shows your current experience points and the number of points you need to have before you can level up. No more need to check out the MyBrute Experience Table. Woot!

The most important part of the My Brute Experience Calculator is the numerical analysis. This will tell you how many victories you need to level up.

Moreover, it will tell you how many days it will take for you to go to the next level if you play everyday and win every time. It also has an estimate if you get a unique pupil per day along with that.

Now how can you make your brute win every time? It’s very simple. You can use our Weak Brute Opponent Matcher and have a very high chance of winning all your three games. Yay!

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137 Responses to “My Brute Experience Calculator”


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  6. If you wan to get a pet on level 1-3 be my pupil!!! !!!100%works !!Be winner!

  7. hey, Watch This:

    go to and create a brute.

    So, because this brute (guidoy) have 2 pets (bear and pet) your chances of getting a rare pet such as a wolf of a bear increses from 30% to 50% every time you advance 3 levels

    Try it!!!! many of guidoy´s pupil have a rare pet even at level 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Get a wolf in lvl 1-3 70% to get it
    byc-hkat72g83.mybrute my brute got it at lvl 1 now he is lvl 3
    or watch /watch?v=9xBcsHUC1Ok
    My friends have tried and any of them got a wolf

  9. please go on
    ich hab Bären bin lvl 13 und habe Gute in Turnieren was zu packen. bin mit lvl 12 in die 4runde gekomemn (=

    Pls make me pupils (=


  10. create pupil for me i create for you

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