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My Brute Game Fight Simulator

July 3, 2009 | Visited 229688 times, 1 so far today

Hello everyone. For today, we are proud to announce that we now have our own My Brute Game Fight Simulator. This has been what’s keeping us busy for the past weeks and we hope you will enjoy using this.

We have tested this tool in all internet browsers and it’s now quite stable. You don’t have to worry about anything because you can use Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera and all others.

My Brute Simulator

Using the My Brute Game Fight Simulator is quite easy. Just enter the names of the brute and the desired levels in the designated boxes. And then click START SIMULATION! and see your favorite brute characters fight it out.

This tool has quite a number of uses for you – not just entertainment. And we will talk about that in the next few articles. For now, I would like to encourage everyone to try it.

Lastly, if you encounter an error or bug. Do report it to us by sending us an email so we can resolve the problem. Thank you.

UPDATE: 07/03/09: Due to some bugs that we’ve encountered in the first version of our My Brute Simulator, we’ve updated it and re-programmed the script. Here’s the new My Brute simulator. Make sure that the Brute Name that you are going to enter exists in This Simulator is created only for Brutes. Enjoy simulating your future brute battles!

Try our My Brute Simulator Version 2.0 Now!

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186 Responses to “My Brute Game Fight Simulator”

  1. will you fix this?

  2. When will you fix it?

  3. i need pupils


  5. hey to get a bear and a wolf you only must go on this link or on this link make a new character and rank up to lvl 3.

  6. my brute rocks i love it i have wolf 2 dogs and rare skills check it out

  7. Do you want polar bear at level 10?
    Do you want a wolf at level 8?
    Do you want a dog at level 3?
    Do you want to become the ultimate brute?
    Then you have nothing to fear cause I will make you the ultimate brute!!!
    Train with me –

    Become my pupil and join my dojo –

  8. u got ur panther at lvl 4.. me i got it when i was lvl 1!!!!

  9. Hey, try going to

    and because this brute has a bear and a dog, your chances of getting a pet (dog, panther or bear) will increse 30% every time you advance 3 levels

    Try it!!!!!!! almost all pupils of this brute have a pet


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