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My Brute Martial Arts Standing Fight Pose

May 31, 2009 | Visited 152105 times, 1 so far today

Have you seen a brute doing a martial arts standing fight pose? If not, then you’re missing one of the coolest things in this game.

Here’s a little teaser of one of the things to expect in the next few weeks here. A fight video of one brute doing some fancy sword and weapons martial arts fighting pose.


To give you an idea what we are actually talking about, here’s a video of this martial arts brute. Enjoy watching:

Cool, right? It seems that the brute character on the left studied some swords martial arts and applied his skills to the martial arts weapons in the game.

I know you want to know how to make your brute do this martial arts standing fight pose. We’ll update this post and provide you a link to the post once the article is up. So stay tuned!

But if you do know, then please send us an email and we’ll credit you in the article. This is one of the best ways to get a lot of pupils and gain experience points fast.

Can you guess how to do the martial arts standing fight pose brute? Send your answer to our email now.

Thanks to AkingMyEbzKoh for suggesting that we write about this fun cheat.

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143 Responses to “My Brute Martial Arts Standing Fight Pose”

  1. Heya! Just made a char that received a bear at lvl 3! If you don’t belive me check out the inventory tool~
    The sooner the master gets a pet, the higher the chances are of the pupil getting the same pet faster. Also increases the chances by 30% per level.
    Leaving my brute’s address here:
    And btw, got the skill “Armor” by lvl5 if you want it ๐Ÿ˜‰


  3. i got a bear so if u want one
    then here’s my link

  4. be my pupil i have that fighting stance and if ur my pupil u can have it too(ur my pupil any so my brute will teach u the pose because hes ur teacher any way)so be my pupil

  5. i love my brute i have all the strong animals and skills to pass down to my pupils this game rules

  6. visit

  7. Hey, try going to

    and because this brute has a bear and a dog, your chances of getting a pet (dog, panther or bear) will increse 30% every time you advance 3 levels

    Try it!!!!!!! almost all pupils of this brute have a pet

  8. I’ll told you all what I got to know…

    I have been looking for this crap a couple of weeks,and I got to know this:

    -This was a mistake,but the creators decided that it would be fine to let it be.
    Finally,the have been some hackers who took part and got some cheats by this.So they changed it and now there’s a 3% that you’ll get a martial arts standing fight pose.

    Extra information:
    -Sometimes you doesn’t get it when you created your brute,but after some levels :)
    -If you have this standing pose,there’s a 5% that your pupils get it too…and this percentage raises a little bit while you level up.
    -In some cases it doesn’t help at all.In some cases it does :)

    I hope it helped you a little bit at least.
    See ya’ all soon, Enzan,the freak

  9. When I joined this through my master it gave me this pose and now some of my pupils have it too but not all though. Check it out.

  10. I GOT IT I SWEAR, and if u type any similar name to mine it will be the same martial arts pose !!! i swear i tested it !!! just make an account on this pupil and u will get a martial arts standing pose !!! im not lying i tried it !!!

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