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My Brute Rankings Explained

May 22, 2009 | Visited 43063 times, 1 so far today

Aside from the levels, My Brute also gives rankings to their players. And each rank also has a corresponding logo. So if you’ve always wondered what the My Brute rankings mean, then here they are.

The rankings are actually just based on how you performed in the tournaments. That’s why it’s always important to register your brute in the tournament. You’ll never know if you’ll do well and move your rankings up.


Here are the My Brute rankings grouped into beginner, advanced and professional rankings. The description follows the badge from left to right.

Beginner Rankings
Padawan – everyone starts with this ranking
Desert Batterer – when you reach the Final 1024 or the 11H of the tournament
Sticking Plaster Ripper – Final 512 / 12H
Richter Thumper – Final 256 / 13H

Advanced Rankings
Iron Fist – Final 128 / 14H
Vengeful Flame – Final 64 / 15H
Beserk Soul – Final 32 / 16H
Hemogoblin – Final 16 / 17H

Professional Rankings
Sword Swallower – Final 8 / 18H
Sat@n’s Biceps – Final 4 (Quarterfinals) / 19H
Dentist of Chaos – Final 2 (Semifinals) / 20H
Brutal Legend – Win the championship tournament at 21H

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194 Responses to “My Brute Rankings Explained”

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  6. I am level 30 and already i am Berserk Soul ,i am a bad ass 😀

  7. Hey! I want to know what “desert baterer” means. Can someone explain to me , please? Thank you!

  8. pls. i wanna have a ranking give me one i already reached the 11h i wanna become a desert batterer T_T

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