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My Brute Stat Changer

August 16, 2009 | Visited 897911 times, 1 so far today

My Brute Stat Changer is a software program that claims that it can help you change your stats. You can just download the My Brute Stat Changer program and use it instantly.

The My Brute Stat Changer is NOT made by us. It is made by someone who just wants to get a lot of pupils.


When you download the My Brute Stat Changer and use it, it will tell you that it can only change the stat of brutes who’s master is the program’s developer. If not, then the program is useless.

That’s already quite suspicious. But here comes the second part of the trick.

When you decide to pupil under the said brute, the program will then continue to function. But once you change your brute’s stats and save the new one that you want, it will produce and error and tell you this:

461 – Stats could not be changed.
Try again later or try leveling up the brute to level 5+
The hack doesn’t always work on lower level brutes, because they are meant to have low stats.
The MyBrute programmers coded this into the code for security reasons.

The error message is obviously a trick to make you level up the brute more so the developer of the My Brute Stat Changer can get more experience points.

So, beware of this program because it is not a legitimate cheat. However, you can still download it if you want and see for yourself that it doesn’t work.

Download the My Brute Stat Changer

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