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My Brute Weak Opponent Matcher

July 20, 2009 | Visited 215125 times, 4 so far today

In our continuous effort to give you the best gaming experience for My Brute, we are now officially launching another tool that will help you in the game. We call it the My Brute Weak Opponent Matcher.

This is your ultimate weak brute finder. No need to go through the lists of weak brutes online anymore. You will automatically find them here. And best of all, automatically fight them!


Using the My Brute Weak Opponent Matcher tool is easy.

Step 1
Go and log-in to your account in My Brute.

Step 2
Go to the Weak Brute Opponent Matcher.

Step 3
Enter the name of your brute in the text box and click the Find Match button.

Step 4
The tool will then give you a list of weak brutes that are 2 levels lower than you. The brutes listed are from our Automatic Weak Brute List database.

Step 5
Select and click the name of the weak brute and a new window will open and you will automatically fight that brute.

Step 6
Repeat Step 5 until you exhaust your fight limit for the day.

Now it’s easy to level up. No more weak brute hunting. Let us do that for you. And all that’s left for you to do is to have fun!

So go ahead and try it now. This is an exclusive My Brute Tool that you won’t find anywhere else.

Try the My Brute Weak Opponent Matcher Tool here.

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  2. hey guys, sorry this has nothing to do with the above article, but could you please fight me to become my pupils i just want to level up fast, which is kind of selfish of me, but yeah, please help me out


  3. pls. pls. pls.!!!!! become my pupil

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