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My Brute Weapons: Long Range Weapons

July 13, 2009 | Visited 209480 times, 5 so far today

These are the long weapons in My Brute. Since they are long, they can be used to attack your opponents at far range. Which means you will be able to hit them before they can hit you with their short and medium length weapons.


From left to right:

One of the best weapons in the game. Often gives multiple attacks. Damage range: 10-15

High damage long range weapon. But this can easily be evaded by the opponent. Damage range: 25-40

Uncommon weapon with average performance. Damage range: 12-18

Medium damage weapon that usually stops an incoming attack with a surprise counter blow. Damage range: 12-18

Baton / Long Stick
A good weapon that makes opponent drop their weapons. Low damage but sometimes does multiple attacks. Damage range: 7-10

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69 Responses to “My Brute Weapons: Long Range Weapons”

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  4. also for the whip i knocks away weapons and shield you might want to include that on there.

  5. hey a few things your missing from what i’ve seen is that the staff/baton/long stick thing also gives you increased blocking chance
    and the spear has a minor change of knocking out an opponents weapon aswell it’s not as effective in disarming as the staff but it does have a minor chance at this

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