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MyBrute Attributes Explained: Strength, Agility and Speed

April 27, 2009 | Visited 980683 times, 2 so far today

What is the meaning of the different MyBrute attributes, strength, agility and speed? How does strength, agility and speed affect my character? Here is the answer:


Determines how much damage your brute inflicts
Gives the rate of damage with bare hands and weapon hits
Also improves the chance to disarm upon attack
1 strength is equal to at least 1 HP damage

Increases chance to dodge or block incoming attacks

Determines how often your brute does multiple attacks
Causes your brute to suddenly return to attack
Slightly affects agility and your ability to block an incoming attack
It can be enhanced by the use of fast weapons like the knife

So if you are asking yourself what’s the difference between agility and speed in MyBrute, now you know.

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93 Responses to “MyBrute Attributes Explained: Strength, Agility and Speed”

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