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My Brute Weapons: Short Range Weapons

April 19, 2009 | Visited 958971 times, 1 so far today

What are the short range weapons in MyBrute? Well here they are complete with name, description and approximate damage:


In order from left to right:

Short reach with reasonable damage. Good for multiple attacks. Damage range: 9-12

Weak weapon but causes a lot of multiple attack chance for high strength and agility brutes. Damage range: 3-5

Rare weapon. High chance of getting multiple attacks with this one. Damage range: 7-10

Similar to the knife but has a higher chance of being disarmed. Damage range: 9-12

Coffee Cup
Very rare weapon. Very strong for close combat. Best short range weapon. Damage range: 12-17

Rare weapon. Similar to knife. Nothing really special. According to Martinezz, every time a person gets hit, while armed with the racquet, the person will strike back immediately. So it’s like an immediate counter attack. (Thanks for the email) Damage range: 6-10

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76 Responses to “My Brute Weapons: Short Range Weapons”

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