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My Brute Team Game Battle

October 20, 2009

Are you tired of playing the one-on-one games in My Brute? Then why not try playing the Team Game battle of two versus two. We are officially launching today our My Brute Team Battle Simulator tool which will allow your brute to team up with another one to fight against another pair of brutes. It’s […]


My Brute Stat Changer

August 16, 2009

My Brute Stat Changer is a software program that claims that it can help you change your stats. You can just download the My Brute Stat Changer program and use it instantly. The My Brute Stat Changer is NOT made by us. It is made by someone who just wants to get a lot of […]


My Brute Experience Calculator

July 31, 2009

Another MyBrute Tool that we have made for you is the My Brute Experience Calculator. I hope you are already using this because this is a very helpful tool. For those who don’t know how to use this, here’s a short tutorial on how you can interpret the information that the My Brute Experience Calculator […]


My Brute Weak Opponent Matcher

July 20, 2009

In our continuous effort to give you the best gaming experience for My Brute, we are now officially launching another tool that will help you in the game. We call it the My Brute Weak Opponent Matcher. This is your ultimate weak brute finder. No need to go through the lists of weak brutes online […]


Ultimate Weak Brute List With Automatic Update

July 14, 2009

Hunting weak brutes is something that My Brute players do everyday. But hunting weak brutes is not that easy because you have to go through several brutes before you can find a really weak brute. In the past, we tried to give you a list of weak brutes to help you in your games. I […]


Make Your Brute Invisible

July 7, 2009

Good day everyone. I hope all of you enjoyed playing with our My Brute Fight Simulator. This is our gift to you for always supporting our site. If you notice, we also have other Brutal Tools which you can use like the My Brute Experience Calculator and the My Brute Inventory Preview Tool. We will […]