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How To Defeat A Brute With Pets

May 11, 2009

People usually avoid fighting brutes with pets. They are afraid to lose because pets have high agility and speed, and can attack several times like the dog and the wolf / panther. The bear, on the other hand, has high HP and can do high damage.


MyBrute Pets Stats: Dog, Wolf and Bear

April 29, 2009

What are the stats of the pets in MyBrute? How much life does a bear actually have? If you want to know then just read on.


Avoid Fighting Brutes With Pets Specially Bears

April 1, 2009

How do you avoid fighting brutes with pets? It’s best if you don’t fight brutes with pets like dog, wolf and the bear because you will most likely lose the fight. Unless of course you have skills and specials that fight pets like Cry of the Damned and Net. So how do you avoid fighting […]