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What Does “Endurance Improved” Mean?

May 17, 2009

When you level up, sometimes you get a new skill, a new weapon or maybe one of your stats will increase. But sometimes, you will get the message that your Endurance Improved. Okay, that’s nice, but then you notice that nothing seems to have changed. So what does Endurance Improved really mean? What does an […]


MyBrute Weapons: Medium Range Weapons

April 30, 2009

What are the medium range weapons in MyBrute? Well these are the average arm length weapons you can use in the game complete with the name, description and approximate damage:


MyBrute Pets Stats: Dog, Wolf and Bear

April 29, 2009

What are the stats of the pets in MyBrute? How much life does a bear actually have? If you want to know then just read on.


MyBrute Level Up Table | Experience Points Needed To Level Up

April 28, 2009

How many experience points do you need to level up in MyBrute? If you want to know how long does it take to level up in this game, then here is the MyBrute Level Up Table.


MyBrute Attributes Explained: Strength, Agility and Speed

April 27, 2009

What is the meaning of the different MyBrute attributes, strength, agility and speed? How does strength, agility and speed affect my character? Here is the answer:


What Is The Difference Between Agility and Speed In MyBrute?

April 22, 2009

You do know that Strength affects the amount of damage you inflict. But what about Agility and Speed? What Is The Difference Between Agility and Speed In MyBrute?