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How To Defeat A Brute With Pets

May 11, 2009

People usually avoid fighting brutes with pets. They are afraid to lose because pets have high agility and speed, and can attack several times like the dog and the wolf / panther. The bear, on the other hand, has high HP and can do high damage.


Weak Brute: kostucha

May 5, 2009

Here’s another weak brute that you can fight for leveling. He is an old dog which seems not be learning any new tricks. He has decent weapons and fair stats but no skill other than crying.


Complete List of My Brute Skills

April 26, 2009

Below are the complete list of skills that can be acquired randomly by your brute. The image below still lack some of the skill icons. The skills that are semi-opaque or translucent below are categorized as rare skills. These 4 skills are extremely hard to find and only few of the lucky brutes have it.