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Know The Future of Your Brute With My Brute Inventory Preview Tool

September 12, 2009

This tool has been working for quite some time now and we thought that we should officially launch it, just like our other My Brute tools. So please let me present, the My Brute Inventory Preview tool – the tool that lets you know the future of your brute.


Skills Are More Important Than Weapons In Higher Levels

September 3, 2009

My Brute players who have been able to level up their brutes past Level 20 have probably realized that as the level go up, the weapons become less important. This is something that players should realize which will help them not to be become so much eager to get strong weapons such as the hammer, […]


My Brute Weapons: Long Range Weapons

July 13, 2009

These are the long weapons in My Brute. Since they are long, they can be used to attack your opponents at far range. Which means you will be able to hit them before they can hit you with their short and medium length weapons.


My Brute Weapons: Heavy Weapons

June 28, 2009

In My Brute, there are weapons that are called heavy weapons. They are heavy because they give you large damage. Making multiple hits with these heavy weapons is also almost impossible but it does happen if you have the stats and the skills. These heavy weapons are also used in melee, so you really have […]


My Brute Weapons: Thrown Or Launched Weapons

May 11, 2009

Thrown weapons are among the best types of weapons because they launch several times. You also have no risk of getting hit back while attacking. That’s why having these weapons will give you a good advantage during fights.


MyBrute Weapons: Medium Range Weapons

April 30, 2009

What are the medium range weapons in MyBrute? Well these are the average arm length weapons you can use in the game complete with the name, description and approximate damage: