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Ultimate Weak Brute List With Automatic Update

July 14, 2009 | Visited 157391 times, 1 so far today

Hunting weak brutes is something that My Brute players do everyday. But hunting weak brutes is not that easy because you have to go through several brutes before you can find a really weak brute.

In the past, we tried to give you a list of weak brutes to help you in your games. I hope you all enjoyed the list and thank you to everyone who contributed to the list.


But now, we are taking the weak brute list to the next level.

We understand the disadvantage of simply writing a list of weak brutes. After a few days, the levels become outdated and it will no longer become reliable.

So, here in My Brute Cheats, we are constantly working to give you the best playing experience. And today, we are officially launching our ULTIMATE WEAK BRUTE LIST.

We have uploaded the COMPLETE LIST OF WEAK BRUTES that is on our database and sharing them to all of you.

Just browse the page and you can see all the weak brutes we have. The names are also linked to their cellule so you can manually check the character’s stats, skills and weapons. The list is arranged according to level.

What’s different with this list?

It’s automatically updated! This means that once a brute levels up, the brute name also automatically updates to the next level – so you can be sure that you are fighting the brute at the correct level.

So try it now and see the complete weak brute list here.

Lastly, we are opening our doors to a few good people who can help us moderate this list.

If you want to help us add more weak brutes to this list and monitor the progress of the brutes so that only the weak ones are on the list, then please contact us and send us an email through our contact form here.

Please indicate the following in your email: Complete Name, Email, Country, Age and Main Brute Name.

More exciting updates will be coming soon. So better come back here and let’s all have fun playing My Brute!

UPDATE 07/17/09: The automatic weak brute list bug is now fixed. Thanks to all who reported about the said bug. Now, our list is filtered and other unwanted brutes in the list were already removed. If you found a strong brute in our automatic weak brute list, please don’t hesitate to report it to us.

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    Same with the My Brute Weak Opponent Matcher.

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