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Welcome to My Brute Cheats

March 29, 2009 | Visited 804076 times, 1 so far today

Welcome to My Brute Cheats! We’ll be sharing to you all cheats and glitches of My Brute. That’s all for now. Wooot!

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67 Responses to “Welcome to My Brute Cheats”

  1. All of your “cheats” are FAKE !

  2. Please visit my brute !!!

  3. it is the last weapons on brute..a gun … play on my to level 3 and get the weapon..send to all your friends

  4. if you want to be one of the most
    strongest brute with a bear or wolf
    and high stats..
    already at lvl 5-10

    just go to this site and make a brute…

    im not joking go try it!!!

    100% works!!!
    100% proven!!

    If this site wont work at you try this another cheat site

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  5. I’ve got a WOLF and a DOG.
    I earned the WOLF when i grew to lvl 3. I am level 22 now.

    The chance of getting a WOLF when you are my pupil is increased with 65%!!

    Be my pupil at:

    Now get to level 3 !!

    Good luck!

  6. Want to have a BEAR on your side?
    Go through , I got it on lev 3 and 6 so it differs, but works!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  7. free brute it own a wolf i dont need it i have brute that have a wolf and bear its username is 2xxfercc no password but go to lvl your brute to 3 or 5 you will have bear no joke

  8. lvl up your brute to lvl 2 real no joke ihave of go to 2xxfercc free brute it own a wolf but go to WARLORDUTOK.MYBRUTE.COM small letter

  9. to have a bear or wolf just go to lvl you will have a bear or a wolf real no joke

  10. Join my MMA group….lots of good fighters w/ different abilities. Fan of MMA…JOIN NOW.

    ONLY CREATE BRUTES W/ MMA to start the name please. Will be clanning at lvl 10

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