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What’s new in the new version of My Brute?

June 24, 2011 | Visited 53597 times, 3 so far today

Motion Twin finally released the new version of My Brute on They say that this is a better and improved version of the old My Brute. If you enjoy brawls, battles and wars, then this new version is right for you! We have noticed that this new version is cheat proof. Why? Because nobody reached level 100 yet.

What’s cool with the new version of My Brute is that it’s more secure. You can recover your password if you forget it, you can organize all your Brutes in one account (This is what we’ve been planning a long time ago in MBC, but we’ve never implemented it because we’re lazy in creating new tools), you can play other games created by Motion Twin, and best of all, you can level up as fast as you can if you spend money!

That’s right guys! The new version of My Brute has an option to cheat

4. Here’s a great new feature in the new version of My Brute. After you level up, the stats, skills, and weapons are not random anymore. You can choose what the upgrade. Two options will appear, Skill/Weapon or Stat Upgrade. The Skill and Weapon are still random, but you get to choose if you want to upgrade your Skills or Weapons only, or your Brute Statistics only. This is really a great new feature in the new My Brute.

5. Notice the heart icon at the upper right of the image below. You can now save your favorite Brute bouts and view it in your favorite fights page.

The favorite fights page:

6. Here’s how Motion Twin makes money and a brand new feature that money wasters will really love, the Hospital! You have an option to visit the Hospital for 15 tokens. If your Brute has died 3 times today, you can still train, but you need to visit the Hospital first in order to continue training. You need to go to and buy tokens.

Tokens are really cheap. You can buy 300 tokens for only 5 euros (around $7.00 USD). There are 3 options: 300, 1000, and 3500. Buy buying more tokens, you can save more! It’s relatively expensive if you don’t have money, but it’s cheap if you have you are filthy rich. By buying 300 tokens and spending it all in one day, you can visit the Hospital 20 times in just one day! Isn’t it awesome?

7. Lastly, the tournament system. The new version of My Brute has a better tournament system compared before. You can now see the actual tournament bracket. The tournament is live and will not start if the players are not complete. During the time we tested it, only 2 brutes are needed before the tournament starts. You can easily see your Brute in the tournament bracket because it will blink every other second.

That’s all for now. Try the new version of My Brute and leave your comments below about your insights about it!

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29 Responses to “What’s new in the new version of My Brute?”

  1. I still play this a lot, got pets 1st level without cheats

  2. Join the MYBRUTE badass bear dojo. DOJO SECRET CODE is: FFCDFHFE – no wusses accepted here
    if you are a wuss tho then join CHEAFFHE – thats a weaker on for all the losers out there or
    if your really wanna be in a crappy dojo just join the guy above or below my post.

    Hello Brutes
    1. Download My Brute from here.
    2. Start the game andenter your secret code in the master screen.
    3. Create your Brute and awayyou go in the arena.
    4. Enjoy the following EXCLUSIVE benefits:
    ==> Bonus experience points for 3 days
    ==> Special powers, all the better to crush your opponents with!
    ==> An exclusive arena for taking on your opponents.
    The secret code is: BGFDFHFE
    Are you willing to take the challenge???
    If your not willing to do it, well you are not good enough!!!
    Thanks !



    fight me theres no cheat :)

  6. fight me

  7. ADRITAKER will reach level 100 in a week

  8. it is not cheat proof because i tried using cheat engine 5.6 speed hack and it worked

  9. I still play the old one…and I’m currently Lvl 1973

  10. I believe one more thing missing in the new version of the game is the option to invite people via referral link. Either that or I just haven’t found it yet.

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